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December 2, 2011
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Mini plush commission Info and Terms of Service by JamJams Mini plush commission Info and Terms of Service by JamJams

Mini chibi plush commissions info and Terms of service.

:bulletblack: Mini plushies will be 6-7 inches tall and 12-13 inches long from nose to tip of tail.

:bulletred:Prices will start at $55+ and will go up depending on the complexity of the character and materials needed (meaning if I have the fur in stock the price will be cheaper than if I have to actually order the fur).

:bulletblack: Full body reference sheet is expected up front so I can give you a price.

Materials that will be used-

Faux fur fabric, fleece, or seal (Please keep in mind, while fabric comes in many colors, it does not always match perfectly to a character's design.)
Poly-fil beads
Plastic eyes and nose
Hair will either be done using a longer pile faux (Sorry, but I will not be doing any human like hair.)
Airbrusher for smaller detail (I prefer not to use this, so everything will pretty much just be sewn.)

Things I won't do:

Complex custom accessories. (I will only do simple accessories, such as collars, ect. However if I feel its to complex, then I will not do it.)
Complex hair (human like hair)
Complex Wings (However I will do simple wings)
Extreme sparkle dogs. (I don't mind doing unnatural colored characters, but nothing with extreme bright colors, complicated markings/designs, or rainbows markings.)
Copyrighted characters such as MLP, Pokemon, Digimon,

Methods of payments I accept:

:bulletred: Paypal (preferred)
:bulletblack: Very well concealed cash (sent at YOUR own risk; I am not responsible if it gets lost in the mail)

Methods of payment I won't accept:

:bulletblack: Personal checks
:bulletred: Money Orders
:bulletblack: E-checks

:bulletred: Payment is expected up front, however I am willing to do a non-refundable down payment of $35 to hold your commission slot; I then expect the rest of the payment to be paid before your commission is started.

:bulletblack: If you OR I decide to cancel the commission for whatever reason, and I have already bought or started the plush you WILL NOT be given a refund, and I retain all rights to sell the plush to anyone.

:bulletred: All plushies are worked on and completed in the order in which full payment is received, so if someone is ahead of you in my commisison queue then their plush will be completed before yours (remember by doing the down payment if someone after you pays in full then their commission will be ahead of yours in the queue.)

Shipping methods:

:bulletblack: Shipping within the continental United States will be sent via USPS priority mail (2-3 day shipping) along with a tracking number.
:bulletred: International shipping will be sent via standard air mail with international tracking if requested by

:bulletblack: I put a lot of time and effort into each one of my plushies, and the time frame your plush will be completed depends on a variety of things, like complexity of the character and where you are at in my commission queue list. you will however will be shown a WIP picture, and will be kept up to date on the progress of your commissions via note (keep in mind you everything is hand sewn unless I absoutly have to use the airbrusher for smaller detail.)

:bulletred: These custom plushies are intended as a collectible one-of-a-kind piece of art, and is not meant for rough play. Remember these are all hand sewn and are one-of-a-kind, so they are much different than the stuffed animals you get at the store.

:bulletblack: Plushies will not be worked on or shipped out during any major holidays. (This is for safety purposes, and to ensure your commission arrives in a timely manner.)

:bulletred: I do NOT work on weekends or holidays.

Allergy warning!!!

I have cats, and I can not guarantee that the items you order from me will be hair/dander free.

:bulletblack: All plushies come from a smoke free house.

:bulletred: All orders are completed in the order in which full payment was received.

:bulletblack: Plushies are 100% handsewn by me, using my patterns I made.

:bulletred: I have the right to deny your commission for any reason.

Important Notice:

Please keep in mind, due to having carpel tunnel its slowed my work down a lot so wait time may vary depending on where you stand in my commission queue. So please do bare in mind it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months or longer for your commission to be complete. If this is a concern to you, then I highly recommend not commissioning me.

Plush FAQ:

(please actually read this, it may answer any questions you may have regarding plush commissions.)-…

Go here for more plush examples:…

Go here for plush size comparison pictures-
(Size comparison pictures are between my larger standing plushies and the mini standing plushies.)…

Please  note  me for plush commission quotes! Thank you!!

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